Vettel has 'a lot to give' still in F1 as he makes admission on 2021 decision

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Sebastian Vettel says he still has "a lot to give" in Formula 1 as he considers his future for 2021.

Dropped by Ferrari, the four-time world champion is thought to be nearing a switch to Racing Point for their rebrand as Aston Martin next year, but news on that has gone quiet in recent weeks.

Asked about his next career move though, Vettel explained his hope that, whatever the outcome is, it will be one that he decided.

"The fact that I have been around for a long time helps as I know a lot of people," the German said via Autosport on Thursday.

"But I think the most important thing for me is that whatever the decision will be it will be the right one for me.

"You can never be 100% certain as only time will tell, but I think as much as I can I would like to control and make sure that the conclusion for me is the right decision."

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There was speculation that a move to Aston Martin would be announced as early as this weekend, but Vettel says there isn't a rush to sign anything yet.

"I never believe that good things are to be rushed and so things will take time," he insisted. "I cannot give a specific answer on when, as much as I cannot give a specific answer to what.

"But obviously what is at stake is remaining in F1 or not and as I said on that time will tell. It is a new situation and I don't think in terms of negotiations skills I need to pull tricks out of my sleeve.

"It is true that it is a new situation and a new challenge because it is probably a decision about remaining or doing something different."

Something that may impact any team's thinking when it comes to signing Vettel, is the errors he has made in recent years that have sometimes been decisive, such as the one at Hockenheim in 2018.

Vet Hock 2018

The 33-year-old though is still certain he has the ability to race at the highest level in F1.

"I've made it quite clear that given the right package etc, I have a lot more to give," he said.

"I feel physically, driving, and so on, I'm no worse than I have been in the years I have been in Formula 1 before. I feel very good, and there's a lot to give.

"It depends on what the options are, and looking for the future, there's the big rule change in 2022, which might be very exciting or might not be. I think we don't know sitting here now.

"You always hope for the better, and as a fan of the sport, I hope so too. Whether I'll be there or not, I don't know."