Vettel claims Ferrari not listening to him as Binotto again denies tension

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Sebastian Vettel has suggested Ferrari no longer listen to his opinions as speculation over tensions between driver and team continue.

Last Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix again saw apparent disharmony between the German and the pitwall over strategy on the radio, while Seb also continued to struggle compared to teammate Charles Leclerc, though not quite as much as at Silverstone.

But when asked post-race what areas he felt Ferrari needed to address looking ahead to the next trio of races at Spa, Monza and Mugello, Vettel offered an unexpected answer.

“My opinion is not important anymore,” he told Sky Sports.

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Responding to that claim, however, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes it was meant in a different context.

“I think it’s an answer which is in line with his disappointment of not being able to be part of the team next year," he said.

"When he says so I think he means that it’s not his job anymore to give advice for the future.

"Having said that, we’re working well with him."

And as for the strategy complaints in both Silverstone and Spain...

"We prefer to talk openly. Others don't, perhaps so as not to reveal their intentions," Binotto added to Sky Italia.

"We think it's the right way even if we ask questions on both sides. Looking at the last races, the choices made have proved to be correct, so we welcome the discussion and the question marks.

"For us they are open dialogues that lead us to make the right choice."

As for any border tensions with Vettel, Binotto was also defiant in his denial.

"I do not notice what you're mentioning," he said. "At least from our side, we've not changed a different type of tone or what else, so [I'm] quite surprised. It's not the case."

Interestingly, the four-time world champion also appeared to back up his boss' comments, suggesting there was no need to change their current relationship.

“From my side, it’s no different than it has been,” Vettel explained.

“Sometimes you talk on the radio but we see each other the whole day, so you can talk the whole day. You don’t need to talk on the radio all the time. Nothing has changed.”