Rumours over the legality of Ferrari's 2019 engine 'BS', says Binotto

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The fallout surrounding Ferrari's 2019 engine is continuing with team boss Mattia Binotto calling rumours of its legality "bulls**t".

This year has seen the Italian team go from the benchmark in power unit performance to the worst on the grid following an investigation by the FIA into alleged illegal tricks Ferrari were using.

At its culmination back in February, the governing body announced it had reached a private settlement with Ferrari over its engine, which has included the Scuderia working with the FIA to help better police the engine regulations.

However, that agreement angered all of their rivals, who have been calling for transparency ever since, and as recently as the Belgian Grand Prix just over a week ago, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said this on the matter.

“The whole thing has left quite a sour taste,” he was quoted by Motorsport Week.

“I mean obviously you can draw your own conclusions from Ferrari’s current performance but, yeah, there are races that we should have won last year arguably if they had run with an engine that seems to be quite different to what performance that they had last year.”

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Indeed, the FIA did say that while there were suspicions over the legality of the Ferrari engine, they couldn't be 100% proven.

But Binotto insists the engine was above board.

“Honestly I think that there is a lot of bull****,” he told Channel 4. “A lot of rumours and we should not care too much because we need to stay focused on what we are doing.

“On the settlement, it’s very simple there has never been a breach of regulation and that’s it.

“Our regulations are very complex and since then a lot of technical directives have been issued and the reason why there has been no transparency on the settlement is because it’s about our technical intellectual property.

“So we don’t need to explain to the entire world the way our power unit is working.”

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