McLaren: Monza performance shows why Ferrari believe in Sainz

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McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl says Carlos Sainz's performance at the Italian team showed why Ferrari "believe in him".

The Spaniard ran a comfortably second in the first half of the race, this after capitalising on Valtteri Bottas' poor start at Monza, but would drop to sixth following the safety car and red flag.

After the restart though he recovered back to P2 and arguably fell just a lap short of victory, finishing four-tenths behind winner Pierre Gasly across the finish line.

“From the first lap onwards Carlos was impressive,” said Seidl via Motorsport Week.

“It’s also not a surprise for us because we know what he can do, and it’s also clear there’s a reason why the red team [Ferrari] went for him, as they believe in him as well!

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“It was a strong weekend for Carlos from the first outing onwards, he had a lot of strong weekends already this year.

“In the end, he’s the hero behind the steering wheel that had to pull it off and he did it. He did great starts, great restarts, great overtaking [manoeuvres], and in the end, he deserved this great finish.”

Speaking to Spanish outlet AS, Sainz was asked what he had left to prove to validate why Ferrari chose him.

“Nothing,” he replied. “What I am left with is to try and keep demonstrating [why I got the Ferrari seat].

"The speed, the ingredients are there, but you have to keep fighting, keep improving as a driver, keep being self-critical. Then, when you get a race as good as the one in Monza, you also have to admit that it was a good day and you couldn’t do more.

“If we have missed the victory it is due to circumstances, but honestly I don’t think what else I have to show. Also, Ferrari has signed me. I don’t have to say or do much more once Ferrari has their eye on me.”

Commenting after the race, Sainz also made it clear he hopes last Sunday won't be his only trip to the famous rostrum overlooking the main straight at the 'Temple of Speed'.

"Hopefully it’s my first podium in Monza, not my last, and hopefully many will come with Ferrari," he said.

"I’m ready for it, I cannot wait for it to happen. I just cannot imagine what it would have been like with 100,000 people.

"We get to finish on the podium in the coolest race of the season and no one is there to see us. Hopefully, we will get it in the future. I think we all have the potential to do it again so let’s see."