Jordan advises Wolff & Hamilton to leave Mercedes after 2020

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Former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan says Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton should leave Mercedes at the end of this year.

Currently, both men are yet to renew their contracts at the Brackley-based team beyond 2020, though have made it clear they intend to so so in the coming weeks.

However, in the case of Wolff, Jordan, who recently claimed the Mercedes team could be sold to technical partner Ineos, believes the Austrian has little left to achieve.

"He's been sensational but it's time for him to quit, he has already won everything and he's created a myth around Lewis Hamilton and the team," he told Ziggo Sport. 

"You have to remember in life that there are good times to go and very bad times and for Toto, that very good moment is now.

"If I were his advisor, I would say: 'Get out of there, please Toto. Take the money that's on the table, you won't get it that good'."

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As for Hamilton, the Irishman wants him to form a super-team with Max Verstappen at Red Bull.

“I personally believe that Lewis should go to Red Bull and not to Ferrari,” he declared.

“I think Lewis at the end of this year will be better than everybody.

"I have to say that Lewis is on a level with Prost, Senna and Schumacher and I think he is about to pass them until Max gets himself sorted, then once Max gets on a roll, he will be exactly the same.

"I don’t think Red Bull are far away, they are extremely close and I think they haven’t really been that lucky this year.

“We saw the DNFs of Max and a few little issues, you know. [Alex] Albon finished third last race. I do believe that the engine, the Honda engine, has the equal or will be the equal very soon of the Mercedes.”

If Hamilton went to Red Bull though, Jordan feels Verstappen could get the better of the Briton.

“I’ll tell you that is perfect because the best young driver of all of Formula 1 at the moment is Verstappen, there is no question about it," he said.

“His style, his speed, his intellect, his control on the track, also his arrogance, Grand Prix winners and Grand Prix champions need a level of arrogance that is obvious, and he has that.

“Whether he got it from Jos or whatever, I have no real idea, but the facts are that he has an unbelievable talent and what I believe is if he had a teammate like Lewis Hamilton, then I do believe he would be able to beat him.”