Vettel will be 'back to his old self' at Red Bull-like Aston Martin - Schumacher

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Similarities between Aston Martin and Red Bull will help Sebastian Vettel "back to his old self" next year, Ralf Schumacher predicts.

It was back at Mugello when the rumour that has dominated the Formula 1 summer was confirmed as the four-time world champion was announced as replacing Sergio Perez for 2021.

And following several tough and frankly miserable years at Ferrari for Vettel, Schumacher thinks the current Racing Point team will be much better suited to his fellow German.

“I am firmly convinced that we will see Sebastian at Racing Point back to his old self,” he wrote in his column for Sky Deutschland.

“There are many reasons for this: The car suits him much better. In terms of performance, it is generally faster than the Ferrari and is also much easier to drive. In addition, the balance is much better for Sebastian.

“By all means, they wanted him and they invested a lot of money in him, that’s, of course, a good feeling to be wanted, especially in his current situation at Ferrari.

“A small, compact team with all the possibilities and with the support of Mercedes. This will be an atmosphere that he likes from the very beginning and comparable to Red Bull in the past.

“I’m sure his time is not over yet. He wants to and will show everyone again.”

Questions over Vettel's performance have been swirling for some time now, particularly as this season he has only beaten teammate Charles Leclerc once.

But Ralf puts that down to the Scuderia putting all their eggs in the Monegasque basket. 

“In general, it has to be said that the collaboration between Ferrari and Sebastian is no longer working,” he added.

“All improvements or further developments of the Scuderia are based on Leclerc’s strengths and weaknesses. He is the man of the future.

“This is the big problem for Sebastian: he needs a different car than Leclerc. Everything that helps Charles does not help Sebastian. That’s how the big time gap of half a second in qualifying can be explained.”

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Given the expectation of Vettel to help Aston Martin become a top team in F1, however, Robert Kubica has warned there will be pressure of a different kind.

“Vettel has not had an easy season and of course you can quickly make a negative judgment if you just look at the results," said the 2019 Williams driver.

“But he’s still a great driver and moving to a different team can give you a boost and bring back enthusiasm and fun.

“Driving at Ferrari is never easy,” he continued. “It won’t be with Aston Martin either, but when with a new team there are new challenges and opportunities.

“Formula 1 should be happy to have him on the grid.”