Schumacher on Hamilton: 'My Dad always said records are there to be broken'

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Mick Schumacher believes Michael wouldn't mind Lewis Hamilton surpassing his Formula 1 records as they "are there to be broken".

The Mercedes driver is on course to reach Schumacher's two biggest career achievements this year, first his tally of 91 race wins, which he can do this weekend in Sochi, and his seven world championships.

But asked about the prospect of seeing Hamilton surpass his father, Mick, who looks increasingly likely to win this year's F2 title and move up to F1 next year, was reflective.

“One sentence my dad always used to say was records are there to be broken,” Schumacher said.

"It’s everybody’s aim in the sport to do that. I think Lewis had a very, very good run - he had a very consecutive and positive run.

“Records are there to be broken and, from our side, I think we see it on a good side too. It’s good for the sport. He’s been very influential in this sport too.

“The next aim would be then I guess for me, if I do make the step [into F1], to break that again.”

Schumacher Jr then commented on his own relationship with Hamilton.

“Lewis came into Mercedes after my dad left,” he added. “I was at the track a few times and got to speak to him at certain moments. Obviously, he’s a very busy man and I’m quite too – especially now due to Covid, it’s quite difficult to speak to each other.

“I’m focusing on myself right now and Lewis is doing the same for him, But nevertheless I think once the chance is there, I definitely would be very interested to have a longer chat with him.”

Hamilton has already admitted the thought of making history isn't on his mind that much in Sochi, but did reveal the one interaction with Schumacher he will never forget.

“My fondest memory of Michael was in Abu Dhabi [in 2012] when we exchanged helmets,” he said.

“That was really big for me – for him to take a moment out of his day to do that. It is the most valuable helmet that I have.

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“I met him for the first time at his kart track in Kerpen, Germany and, as a kid, it was amazing to be on the same track with him. I managed to speak to him but I can’t remember what about because I was so young.

“I didn’t really have a relationship with him. We didn’t have any deep conversations. I just had pure admiration.”

And even if Hamilton does go on and surpass Schumacher's achievements, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that won't diminish Michael's stature.

"Michael’s going to shine above all of us and Formula 1 forever, he has put his print over a 10-year spell," said the Austrian via RaceFans. 

"The most complete racing driver the sport has ever had, that’s the emotional side. There’s a rational and an emotional side.

"But from a purely rational side records are there to be broken and even if a record seems to be unbreakable, somebody else is going to come one day and break it. It may take a long time."