'Positive results will come' says Leclerc as Ferrari starts development push

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Charles Leclerc believes Ferrari's fortunes are set to improve with their 2020 car as upgrades start to be introduced.

According to the graphics produced by Formula 1, the SF1000 is the only car to have gone backwards since the start of the season, with the Italian team currently sixth in the Constructors' standings.

But in Sochi and now at the Nurburgring, new parts aimed at fixing the flaws with the chassis have appeared to make Ferrari a little more competitive, with both cars in the top five during Saturday's practice session.   

“It’s good, I think that’s what we needed,” Leclerc said of the development.

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“To analyse what was really wrong on the car, which we understand, and now we are coming with small solutions race after race which made a small difference in Russia and will hopefully make another small difference here.

“If we keep working in that direction, then I’m sure positive results will come soon.”

That being said, ahead of the Eifel Grand Prix, Leclerc was still keeping expectations very much in check.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t know what to say,” he said, noting the cold weather as a big factor.

“Those conditions are very, very tricky, so I think that we’ll have some big surprises this weekend.”