Vettel admits 'fights I shouldn't have picked' but still no Ferrari regrets

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Sebastian Vettel accepts there were "fights I shouldn't have picked" but still has no regrets over his time at Ferrari.

For the four-time world champion, replacing Fernando Alonso in 2015 marked a dream come true having always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his hero Michael Schumacher.

However, after faltering championship bids in 2017 and 2018 and a tough past two years alongside Charles Leclerc, back in May, Ferrari decided to part ways with Vettel, who has since announced a move to Aston Martin for 2021.

And reflecting on his past six years at Maranello, the 33-year-old admits there are things he could have done differently.

“I don’t think I will go on having any regrets looking back,” Vettel said on Formula 1’s Beyond The Grid podcast.

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“It’s true that I have failed because I set myself the mission of winning the World Championship with Ferrari. I have failed. I didn’t manage to do that.

“There are things I should have done better. Things maybe I should have seen earlier. Fights I shouldn’t have picked. But, then again, I think everything that happened brought me to where I am now."

It is true that during his time at Ferrari, Vettel's desire to be involved in the process caused friction with team bosses, and it has often been suggested that his approach wasn't compatible with the environment at the Italian team.

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"Probably part of it was my nature, something I felt was natural to do so, and I think I had a point as well in some of these little fights and battles," he noted.

“But ultimately that is how you mature and how you learn. Again, the important bit is I don’t have the sense of regret. I am happy to move on.

“I don’t regret the last years and I have learned a lot in my time with Ferrari.

“A different team, a different culture, got to make a lot of friends along the way. Certainly, Ferrari is a special team in many ways.”