Could F1 ever race again on the Nordschleife? The 'dream lives on'

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When it comes to seeing Formula 1 race again on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, the "dream lives on" according to a circuit spokesman.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the modern-day version of the German circuit held its first Grand Prix in seven years earlier this month, with Lewis Hamilton claiming a record-equalling 91st win.

Of course, whenever F1 returns to the Eifel mountains, an eye is always cast across to the 14km Nordschleife which last held the German GP in 1976 before it was dropped for safety reasons.

Since then, the only time an F1 car has taken to the 'Green Hell' has been for a demonstration, but there are still some who would love to see just one more race on the most iconic racetrack in the world.

“The dream definitely lives on with us,” Nurburgring spokesman Alexander Gerhard was quoted by

“But it is not the case that there have been serious discussions about it that you can now speak of plans. It is indeed a dream.

“You would have to get everyone around the table for initial discussions because Formula 1, the FIA and the Nürburgring all have their own requirements.”

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Gerhard though did reveal that the Nordschleife was included as part of ultimately failed negotiations to bring F1 back to the 'Ring two years ago.

“Back then, what we could offer was not of a financial nature, but of course we included the Nordschleife as a unique piece worldwide – which ultimately also means added value in communication for Formula 1.

"At that time, it was not discussed any further.”

Currently, the same safety concerns which made the Nordschleife too dangerous 44 years ago remain today, with the circuit only at an FIA Grade 3 standard.

And one option that is very much off the table would be to alter the layout to bring the track up to the necessary Grade 1 level.

“The characteristics of the Nordschleife are so unique, that is our greatest asset. It is a bad idea to think about changing the characteristics," the spokesman added.

So while the prospect of F1 on the North Loop (as it translates into English) seems a long way off, what about a full-time return to the schedule for today's GP track.

“We offer a unique location, we are a unique brand, and we have proven in these times that we are very flexible,” Nurburgring CEO Mirco Markfort was quoted by Formula Passion.

However, he did concede it would likely have to be part of a German GP alternation with Hockenheim, as it was between 2007-2013.

“That would be the best option from an entrepreneurial point of view," Markfort concluded.