Albon denies pressure building at Red Bull: 'Things are going the right way'

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Alex Albon has denied suggestions pressure from Red Bull is growing over keeping his seat in 2021.

Following his first Formula 1 podium at Mugello, a poor past couple of races in Russia and Germany has once again sparked questions about his future alongside Max Verstappen.

Compared to other times this season, however, Red Bull's notoriously ruthless advisor Helmut Marko is also now hinting that Albon's performance might not be up to standard.

Even so, speaking at Portimao ahead of the Portuguese Grand Prix, the Thai driver maintains all is normal.

“The situation is still the same,” Albon said via “Obviously, we are still pushing hard. I feel a lot of support from the guys and girls.

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"On my side, it’s just focusing on the races ahead. I know I’ve got to do a good job but I am motivated to do that.

"In terms of pressure, there’s always pressure but nothing extra. I just want to have a good few races.”

Albon also offered a defence of his performance and identified the one area he feels he must improve.

“I think actually on paper my qualifying has been improving through the year, he said.

“The races, actually haven’t been too bad, just as a team but also working out the starts a bit better, the Renaults and Ferraris seem to get off the line really well.


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“It’s always been a bit of catchup and of course, just a mistake at the Nurburgring where I locked up which stopped the whole strategy for the race.

"But as I said, things are going in the right way, I just need to firstly get off the line a bit better but also have a bit cleaner races. I am sure we will get the results."

Let's see if a new circuit for most on the grid provides an opportunity for Albon to be more competitive this weekend.