Norris slams Stroll after Portimao clash: 'He doesn't learn'

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Lando Norris had few kind words for Lance Stroll after the clash that ruined both their races in the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Having been stuck behind the McLaren for a few laps, the Racing Point driver tried an audacious move around the outside of Turn 1 which was always likely to end in tears.

And so it did the two cars colliding, eventually sending Stroll into retirement and wrecking Norris' chance of points, as he finished 13th.

“I don’t know what Lance was doing really,” Lando said afterwards.

“He went to the left which I was very surprised by when he very easily could have gone to the inside.

“I was easily halfway alongside and he just turns in so he obviously didn’t learn from Friday [when he collided with Max Verstappen at the same corner] but he obviously doesn’t seem to learn from anything he does.

“It happens a lot with him so I just need to make sure I stay away next time.”

Stroll was given a five-second penalty for that incident plus another for exceeding track limits on four occasions on a very bad day for the Canadian.

For Norris, the frustration was doubled after McLaren was the team to capitalise most on the damp conditions on the opening lap as they cruised to the front.

“Yeah it was amazing, having an orange car in first and third,” he admitted.

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“It was quite a sight, to be honest. I don’t why that happened but I guess the Mercedes were on the mediums and Leclerc was too.

“But we still overtook quite a few soft tyre starters, just because we…I actually don’t know what we did. I think we risked quite a bit more on the opening lap.

“We just had a really good start, put the car where we had to and took the right risks.

“But then we suffered a lot with front graining and our pace started going really bad compared to others, especially the medium tyre runners," he added.

“Yes we did end up struggling in the first stint but so did a lot of other soft starters, but we did a good job in trying to recuperate.”