Hamilton admits emotion of 7th F1 title was 'too much' after tearful in-lap

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Lewis Hamilton admitted the emotions of winning his seventh Formula 1 title were "too much" after bursting into tears following his victory at the Turkish Grand Prix.

The Briton was heard crying over the radio on his way back to the pits after confirming himself as the most successful driver in the sport's history by matching Michael Schumacher's record for most F1 championships.

And asked what had led to that moment, Hamilton revealed how driving was almost the last thing on his mind in the closing laps.

“Very rarely do I ever lose control of my emotions and I think those last few laps, I remember those last few laps and obviously we’re having a discussion whether we’re going to pit,” he said.

“I was just telling myself, ‘keep it together Lewis, you’ve got this’.

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“I could feel it getting closer and also knowing that, if I finish where I’m finishing right now, I’ve got this championship.

“So, all of these emotions were running through me, and I was trying to stop it because I was thinking about my whole career, y’know?

“From when I was five, when I drove in the go-kart, from when we’ve won our first British Championship, driving home with my Dad, singing ‘We Are the Champions’, and dreaming of being here – it is right there, minutes away and that was a lot to take in.

“When I came across the line, it really hit me and I just burst into tears, I think. That whole in-lap.

“And then I just couldn’t get out of the car because I just couldn’t believe it."

Previously, Hamilton said he wasn't sure how he'd feel when he reached the records set by Schumacher, but claimed he always wanted to keep his emotions in check.

“I didn’t want the visor to come up and for people to see tears flowing and all of that stuff because I had always said that I would never let you see me cry," he added.

“I remember watching other drivers in the past crying and I was like ‘I am not going to do that’ – but it was too much.”

Later, in an interview with Formula1.com, Hamilton spoke of what comes next and when attention would switch to his bid for an eighth championship next year.

“I feel like this was one of my best drives and I feel like I’m getting better,” he said.

“That’s probably not what people maybe want to hear and there’s going to be some sort of obstacles and road bumps ahead, but that’s okay. I’m going to stumble at some stage but that’s okay.

“That’s part of the growth process and I welcome that. However, I’m more aware of how to navigate through those and how to overcome them quickly and learn from them.

"Right now it’s so, so important for me, particularly what I’ve learned this year, is to live in the moment," Lewis continued.

“It’s enjoying the moment because it will pass. So I will try and appreciate it as much as I can. In the New Year then I will start look at what’s next, and where I can be better and what else I want to do in the world.

“What I can say is that I want to stay here, I don’t feel like I’ve hit the limit yet.”