Hulkenberg suggests 2021 F1 chances are fading: 'It's very quiet at the moment'

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Nico Hulkenberg has indicated his chances of a return to Formula 1 next year might be fading, admitting the situation is "very, very quiet".

The German is known to be an option for Red Bull should they decide to replace Alex Albon, this after impressive substitute performances on three occasions for Racing Point this season.

Earlier reports also suggested that Hulkenberg was the preferred choice of Max Verstappen to be his teammate for 2021.

However, speaking on Austria's Servus TV, which is owned by Red Bull, Nico admitted the situation was tricky.

“I’ve signed a new contract, a home loan and savings contract! No, joking aside, at the moment it has become a little quieter again," he said.

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"Of course I hope for a good return in the future, but there is nothing else to report.

"It is very, very quiet at the moment. The reports have calmed down a bit, and I think it will be a while before there is really any final clarity."

Away from Red Bull, only Haas still has a little uncertainty over their 2021 pairing, although rumours of Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher are continuing to grow.

Of course, Mercedes might be a real long-shot if Lewis Hamilton decided to retire, but Hulkenberg admits he's not pursuing any seats.

"The stones have already fallen for many teams,” he added. “The cards are laid. I had my two [race] chances and used them as good as I could.

"I'm not actively involved now anyway, of course I'm in contact with the people that matter, but not every week now, not every day.

“I let it come to me,” he explained. “I am quite relaxed. It's not in my hands.

"That's why I am on standby, so to speak. And of course, I hope that there will be a comeback and a chance, which I would be very motivated and keen to do. But we just need a little patience until the final decision is made.”

As for this season, Hulkenberg confirms he is still ready to step into a team if needed.

"If it does open, it's completely unpredictable anyway," he said. "The last two times this happened, it was super spontaneous.

"Of course I can't assume and don't expect that something will happen every weekend. But of course, it can happen.

"We know ourselves how unpredictable the situation is at the moment. That's why I simply have to keep myself fit and ready and I do that too.”