Stroll may have won over his biggest critic with 'extraordinary' Istanbul pole

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After almost four seasons in Formula 1, Lance Stroll may finally be winning over one of his biggest critics, Jacques Villeneuve.

The 1997 world champion has rarely had anything positive to say about the Racing Point driver, even once suggesting his previous team Williams "sold their soul" for his father's money.

However, after a tough recent spell with only finish in the past five races, Stroll refound his mojo by becoming the first Canadian since Villeneuve at Jerez in 1997 to claim a pole position in F1 at the Turkish Grand Prix.

“Lance drove an extraordinary lap in qualifying in Istanbul and earned the pole position,” Jacques was quoted as telling Sky Italia.

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“Unlike other drivers, he didn’t make any mistakes. I wouldn’t know what to fault about his performance.

“It had nothing to do with luck. It was pure skill.

“Other drivers have implemented the same tyre strategy as Lance, but none as flawlessly.”

In the race, Stroll went on to lead most of the first 36 laps before a second stop for intermediates in the drying conditions actually proved his downfall, ultimately finishing ninth.

However, Villeneuve went on to acknowledge how last weekend at Istanbul was another example of how the 22-year-old shines in tricky situations.

“It is noticeable that Stroll surpasses himself especially under difficult conditions," he said

"He achieved fourth place on the grid in Monza 2017 in treacherous track conditions, he took third place in the chaotic Baku GP in 2017 when the drivers flew left and right off the track, and he also took advantage of the moment in Monza 2020, also in third place.

“Obviously he feels very comfortable under the most difficult conditions.”

Coming from Villeneuve, that's almost a ringing endorsement!