F1 denies more races, including Monaco, to be cancelled, Portugal sets deadline

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Formula 1 has denied reports that three more races, including the Monaco Grand Prix, could be cancelled next month.

Already, the sport has been forced to tweak its provisional 2021 calendar, with the season-opening Australian GP pushed back to November and Imola replacing China.

However, late last week, it was claimed Monaco, Azerbaijan and Canada, all of which race on temporary tracks which require a longer lead time, would be called off for a second consecutive year.

“We have set out the details of the revised 2021 calendar and there are no other changes. The suggestion street races will not take place are completely wrong," an F1 statement read.

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Meanwhile, the Portuguese GP, which returned to the calendar for the first time since 1996 last year at Portimao, is also still in talks regarding the empty fourth race slot on the 2021 schedule.

“The 2020 GP gave an extraordinary return, but it is understood that this is a different situation, and for the government, there may be more urgent priorities," Ni Amorim, president of Portugal's motorsport association was quoted as telling Lusa news agency.

"In any case, I am very optimistic, I expect a decision by the end of February.

"I am a moderate optimist. In May, we can be in a position (to host the race) due to the lockdown that is starting now and the vaccinations which are happening daily,” Amorim continued, telling the Expresso newspaper.

“It is natural that in three or four months we can have a completely different situation from the one we have now. If that is the case, then we will be in a position to host the Grand Prix.”

Turkey, Nurburgring and Mugello, the other three circuits which held one-off races last year, are also understood to be on standby again.

Although Istanbul is believed to be unable to take any date during the month of Ramadan from April 12 and May 12.