Domenicali says F1 needs Ferrari in championship fight, Binotto pessimistic

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New Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says it is important Ferrari work their way back into the championship fight.

Last year, the Scuderia had their worst season in 40 years as a poor engine and chassis dropped them to sixth in the Constructors' standings.

Of course, Domenicali was team boss at Ferrari when they last won any championship back in 2008, and after taking over from Chase Carey as the head of F1 last month, he was asked about the current status of the Italian squad.

"As a matter of what I was to Ferrari and what I am today, my position is that we need Ferrari to be in the show, in the right dimension, the right way," he told Sky Sports.

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"They have passed through a difficult time, no doubt. They need to find the right way to go back on track.

"This year, I am expecting them to be better than last year for sure because they had the time to at least work on the engine that was inside what is allowed with the possible development work within the technical regulation."

Ferrari has pinpointed returning to third in the Constructors' as their main aim for 2021, meaning jumping the likes of McLaren and Aston Martin.

And Domenicali knows all too well the pressure Maranello is under.

"For sure, there is a lot of attention because Charles Leclerc is an incredible driver," he added.

"Carlos Sainz, I can see and from what I hear, is really starting the first days in Maranello with the right approach.

"I think even Toto [Wolff, Mercedes boss] and Christian [Horner, Red Bull boss] would like to see Ferrari fighting for the championship."

However, after finishing a simply staggering 442 points behind Mercedes last year, with only two podium finishes to their name, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto knows won't happen in 2021.

“Honestly, the gap to the best team today is very big, and we will not close it,” he told GPFans.

“But to win races, you never know what may happen during the season, during races, if there will be an opportunity, hopefully, we can get it. I do not have a crystal ball.

“Let’s wait and see.

“That is what is great about F1. There are uncertainties and we are working very hard to do our best, let’s see what will be the competitive level in March.”