Monaco to begin circuit build ahead of planned F1, Formula E races

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Monaco is set to begin constructing its famous Formula 1 circuit on the streets of Monte Carlo.

Last year, the Principality was forced to cancel the iconic Grand Prix for the first time since 1954 due to Covid-19.

But, for 2021, Monaco has organised a bumper schedule of the Historic GP on April 25, Formula E-Prix on May 8 and finally the F1 GP on May 23.

Currently, a night-time curfew and requirement for visitors to provide a negative PCR test upon entry is in effect and will do so until March 19 at least, and reports earlier in the year had suggested this year's race might also be called off.

But after denying those claims, last week the Automobile Club de Monaco gave the go-ahead for preparations to begin, meaning all the infrastructure, the barriers, the grandstands, the pit-lane etc., some of which is stored in nearby Italy, will now be transported in as early as today (Monday).

In fact, work on resurfacing the pit-lane and other areas is already underway.

Of course, like every race, the situation could still change in the coming months, but this is a very positive step in the right direction.