Perez sees a 'lot of potential' as Red Bull completes first RB16B run

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Sergio Perez sees a "lot of potential" after both Red Bull drivers sampled the RB16B on Wednesday.

After completing initial runs in the 2019 car to shake off some winter rust, both the Mexican and teammate Max Verstappen conducted a filming day in the new car at Silverstone.

And, offering his first impression, Perez offered some positive news for Red Bull fans.

“Driving a new car is always special – for the driver and also for the team," Perez commented.

"They have been working so hard through the winter, so to finally take the car on track, it’s quite an emotional day.

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“I can say I think there is a lot of potential. The conditions were not great but it was nice to get a feeling for the car. It’s pretty exciting.

"Earlier this week I drove the RB15 but today I could feel a step in overall grip and top speed.”

Wednesday marked Verstappen's first time behind the wheel, after Perez completed a full day on Tuesday, and the Dutchman was happy to be back on track.

“I started with the RB15 to just get a few laps in after the winter break and then I jumped into the RB16B," he commented.

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"Days like today are all about getting comfortable with the car and with the new power unit, trying to make things run smoothly and trying to be well prepared before we go testing in Bahrain.

"It’s always good to be back driving a Formula 1 car and the first time you go out of the pits is such a great feeling.”