Inconsistency infuriates Leclerc as Sainz hails Ferrari progress

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Charles Leclerc was furious with his own inconsistency after only managing P8 on the grid for the Portuguese Grand Prix.

The Monegasque has started fourth at the opening two races, but simply couldn't put a strong lap together in Q3 as he finished three-tenths, and three places, behind Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz.

"I've just not been good enough," Leclerc stated. "I haven't driven the way I wanted and [was] very inconsistent. I have been very inconsistent throughout the whole of qualifying.

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"The wind was definitely tricky but that is the same for everyone and I just should have done a better job.

"I'm very happy about my Q2 because we managed to go through with a medium which was not easy but then in Q3 I just didn't do a good enough job."

That tyre decision did give Leclerc hope of making progress on Sunday though, providing he can overcome an expected tough start.

"We are starting with the medium tyres which is a good tyre to start on," he said. "We are the first ones of the cars we are fighting to be starting on the medium.

"Hopefully, we can have a good start, not lose too many positions in the first few laps because they are very difficult to warm up, but after that, it should be a better tyre."

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As for Sainz, he has been perhaps the most competitive of the drivers to have switched teams so far in 2021, and was pleased to deliver the consistency that his teammate wasn't able to.

“Yes, the important thing today is that I did it twice in tricky conditions,” Sainz said.

“Today it was very, very tough, you guys cannot imagine how the cars were so unpredictable and difficult to drive in the last sector, and the fact that I did a couple of good laps in Q3 gives me a good feeling.

“We’ve made some progress with my driving style. I tried to drive a little bit different this weekend, I’ve tried also different things on the set-up, I’ve gone back and forth with it recently, and it has given me a better feeling.

"I’m feeling like I’m making progress, but there are still things to discover, I’m sure.”