Perez keen for quick Red Bull contract renewal after Verstappen backing

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Sergio Perez is eager to sign a new contract at Red Bull after a run of stronger performances in recent races.

The Mexican only signed a one-year deal when he was chosen to replace Alex Albon for 2021, and made a slowish start to the season as he adapted to the RB16B.

However, after capitalising on issues for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to win in Baku, Perez then perfectly played the support role to the Dutchman at the French GP last weekend.

And after earlier suggestions Red Bull would wait until the summer break to consider his future, now Checo is hopeful of a quick extension.

"Right now, we are so busy with the races, three-in-a-row, but there will be some downtime where we can speak about it," Perez said on contract talks on Thursday.

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"Hopefully [it doesn’t] take too long because I don't have a good experience when you take that long.

"But I see it as a natural thing. Once you're comfortable in a team, working with them and the team working with you, it's something that naturally should happen very smoothly.

"We should just take it out of the season and focus on the right stuff."

On Friday, Red Bull boss Christian Horner declared he was "super-happy" with Perez and a day earlier, Max Verstappen also gave retaining the 31-year-old a thumbs up.

“Everything is going really well!” the Dutchman declared.

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“Of course, I knew Checo before, but not as a teammate so, of course, always a little bit different. But, I think so far, it’s been great.

“To be able to now work together upfront, you know, to get the best results for the team is what you want. So, for sure, I would want that to continue.

“And yeah, he is a great teammate. We can have a lot of fun as well you know, we don’t need to always talk about cars and setups and stuff.”