Verstappen: Believing I'm faster than Hamilton 'pretty normal' for most drivers

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Max Verstappen says his belief that he is faster than Lewis Hamilton is "pretty normal" for most Formula 1 drivers.

The Dutchman has long been considered as one of the top talents on the grid and in 2021, he is getting the chance to prove it as Red Bull give him a car equal to if not superior to the Mercedes.

But while the right machinery is no doubt important, Verstappen has also previously stated he would be "two-tenths" quicker than Hamilton if he was in the W12.

"He [Hamilton] keeps saying the Red Bull is faster than his car, so I’m like ‘I’m happy to swap and we’ll see the difference’,” Max said clarifying that comment in an interview with

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“It’s just a bit of talk from both sides, which is fine. You have to believe in your own capabilities and I do believe I’m the fastest, but he also believes he’s the fastest.

“Probably other drivers like Lando [Norris] and Charles [Leclerc] think the same. I think that’s pretty normal.

“There are so many good drivers out there who I think also could have won seven titles," Verstappen added.

"I enjoy battling Lewis but I would also enjoy battling Fernando [Alonso], Sebastian [Vettel], Charles or Lando if they were in that car.

“You always have to just fight your competition and of course you try to be ahead of them. For me, it’s just nice to be racing against very good drivers.”

Throughout this year, both Hamilton and Verstappen have largely let their actions on track do the talking, with the mind games largely taking place between their respective team bosses. 

“If the mid games come, I mean, I can’t be bothered by it,” the Red Bull driver said.

“To be honest, mind games, I think also Lewis said after the race, he doesn’t want to play these things. So we just have to focus on what we have to do on the track anyway, which I think we do.

“And that’s also the best. I mean, whatever is said in here [press conference], sometimes at the end of the day it can be a bit emotional sometimes after a race or before a race.

“And it also sometimes depends on how you get the question asked, so it’s all right. I think Lewis and I really respect each other. And I think that’s very important.”