Russell vows to 'launch it' vs. Norris after second Q3 finish in a row

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George Russell has warned Lando Norris he'll "launch it" at the start after making Q3 for the second race in a row at Silverstone.

While his first top 10 in qualifying for Williams in Austria was almost to be expected, the Briton certainly surprised many by claiming P8 on the grid for Saturday's Qualifying Sprint race.

And while there are some predicting the 17-lap event will be processional, Russell has vowed to go all out.

"If Lando's cautious then we've got to attack haven't we," he told Sky Sports post-session.

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"He's in a different position to me because, with himself and the car, they're fighting for the top 10 week in, week out.

"But we only get into this position by putting absolutely everything on the table so we've got to continue it and we've got to keep on pushing.

"So if I see an opportunity I'm going for it."

Then Russell sent his warning straight to Norris, stating: "You're starting directly ahead of me so I'm going to be trying to launch it directly down the inside."

While the nickname 'Mr Saturday' had to become 'Mr Friday' with Formula 1's new format for this weekend, Russell was also buoyed by the huge cheers from the fans which greeted him at every turn at Silverstone.

"Damon [Hill] said it was worth a second. I thought he was lying but after today I'm not too sure," he admitted.

"For sure it gives you lap time just because you're more motivated, you're more excited. You've just got that extra spring in your step.

"For sure it definitely helps and you feel like you've got a sense of responsibility to perform for them.

"For me personally, having friends and family here who haven't been to a race in almost two years now, it's that pressure it adds which I guess we thrive off."