Hamilton was concerned over Verstappen hospital trip but won't apologise

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Lewis Hamilton voiced concern for Max Verstappen upon hearing he was in hospital after their contact at the British Grand Prix.

The seven-time world champion tagged the rear of the Red Bull entering Copse corner on Lap 1, sending the Dutchman into the barrier at high-speed with the impact measured at 51G.

Despite being given a penalty for causing the incident, Hamilton went on to win the race after passing Charles Leclerc in the closing laps, and was defiant in his belief that Verstappen was equally responsible for the collision.

"I don't think, from my current understanding [of what happened], that I am in a position to have to apologise for anything. We were out there racing," he told the post-race press conference.

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"I heard that Max is in hospital and that definitely concerns me. None of us ever want any of us to ever get injured, that is never my intention, so I really hope that he is OK.

"I'll hit him up after this just to check that he is OK. We live to fight another day, there will be a lot of tough races coming up and we have to learn to strike a decent balance.

"I don't agree with the stewards but I take my penalty on the chin and get on with my job. I am not going to whine about it.

"Everyone is going to have a different opinion and I don't particularly care what people think. I just do what I do and I am just really grateful for today."

After claiming his eighth British GP, Hamilton jubilantly celebrated, waving the Union Jack to fans and more, much to the anger of Verstappen who considered it "disrespectful" and "unsportsmanlike".


Red Bull boss Christian Horner also sarcastically hopes Lewis was "very happy with himself" for what he called a "hollow win".

“I don’t really have anything to say to Christian. I mean, it doesn’t feel hollow,” the Mercedes man responded.

“There’s 2,000 people who work incredibly hard in my team – it’s not just about me, naturally.

“Of course, I’ve already said that this is not the way I want anything to happen in the race. I think it’s important for all of us to take a step back.

“Emotions are running high. I know what it’s like to lose points within a team and be in that position, so I don’t feel any way about it.”