Gasly set to stay at AlphaTauri but thinks he would match Perez at Red Bull

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Pierre Gasly believes he would match Sergio Perez at Red Bull as it appears he is set to be confirmed at AlphaTauri for 2022.

The Frenchman has impressed again in 2021, qualifying in the top six on seven occasions and currently sits ninth in the Drivers' standings having scored just shy of 80% of the sister Red Bull team's total points.

Yet despite his continued strong performances, Gasly finds himself stuck at AlphaTauri with Sergio Perez set to stay at Red Bull and no way out of his current contract.

“It’s very clear in my situation, I am contracted with Red Bull, I am performing very well with AlphaTauri, I am really happy with what we are doing, but obviously personally I’d like to be in a position to fight for better positions," he said over the British GP weekend.

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“That doesn’t mean I am not happy where I am, it’s just a personal target and what I want to achieve in F1.

"My future at the moment is in Red Bull’s hands and we will see what happens for next year, I am pretty sure, in a couple of weeks.”

The man with the power over Gasly's future is Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, and the 25-year-old revealed a recent meeting with the Austrian to discuss the vision for AlphaTauri.

“We talked in Austria actually, we had a very good lunch together,” he said via

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“I think we talked about a lot of things, and it was really positive to understand a bit more about their view and their plans, and how they are seeing the future because we are still contracted for some time together.

“And yeah, we'll see what the future brings. I know they're really pleased with my performances and what I bring to the team.

"So that's what I need to keep focusing on, and we'll see what happens. But it was good to talk to him.”

That doesn't stop Gasly though from envisioning a day he'll return to Red Bull for a second time.

“I’m confident it will be possible,” Gasly told Sky Sports earlier this summer.

“But for that, there must be a will. The will on my side is there, I want to be in a competitive car, I want to fight for podiums, for wins, for championships.

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“I think I could perform at least as well as Sergio [Perez]," he stated.

“I’m working very hard to become a complete driver and I show that on the track as well. I perform in qualifying and also for races and I think I show very good potential.

“In the past, such results were always rewarded directly with a jump to Red Bull – or at least pretty quickly.

"But will it happen? That depends on whether Red Bull wants it too. At the moment I don’t think they want it."