Schumacher envisages long-term 'pay-off' from work done in 2021

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Mick Schumacher expects the tough work done in 2021 to "pay off" in the years to come.

While there is still a lot of attention on the young German, his Formula 1 career has got off to a subdued start due to his uncompetitive Haas car.

Even so, Schumacher has largely had the edge over teammate Nikita Mazepin and, despite a few moments, has finished every race so far this season, one of only seven drivers to do so.

“The work this season is not for nothing. If it doesn’t pay off this year, it will next year or the years after,” he told Auto Motor und Sport.

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“That’s why it’s important for me not to let up, even if things look bad on the track.

"I think we all grow and learn, obviously, with every race weekend.

"For me personally I feel I’ve been growing stronger and stronger with the team and being able to spend the time with the team is really good."

One element many have noticed is Schumacher's relationship with race engineer Gary Cannon, who has been the perfect voice in the ear for whatever situations have emerged.

And Mick acknowledged how developing a strong rapport with Haas has been key to him settling in.

"Let's say I am relatively happy," he said evaluating his first 10 races.

"Performance-wise, it is tough but nonetheless, we have managed to get our way, we work really well together and I am really enjoying my time here, so much that it is easy for me to come early to work and leave work late because it is so enjoyable and I think it really reflects in our performance.

"The hard work will pay off at some point."

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So far Schumacher has yet to be confirmed at Haas for 2022 and recent reports have linked him to Alfa Romeo, mostly on the back of comments by former F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone. 

“My focus is really on here at [Haas]," he stated.

"Obviously, what is happening next year is something we will have to talk about in maybe some weeks time, but as I said, here and now, things are for me and the team right now and right here.”