Red Bull expect new evidence to put Silverstone clash 'in a different light' during review

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Red Bull expect their new evidence to shed a "different light" on the clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at Silverstone.

On Thursday, the FIA hears the request to review the collision which was lodged by Red Bull last week. At the meeting, the emphasis will be on the Milton Keynes-based team to put forward new elements that could then see the stewards reconsider the 10-second penalty Hamilton was given.

According to motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, Red Bull has new facts and footage from the incident which they hope will meet that threshold.

With the Austrian indicating a further penalty or ban at the Hungarian Grand Prix being the hopeful outcome.

“First of all, we are very happy that this reopening has happened," he was quoted as telling German broadcaster RTL.

"We will now see how they judge it. But I think that what we bring forward will make it appear in a different light.

“We are bringing new facts that were not available to us at the time the race was suspended,” he added.

“These facts are being brought forward and we hope that a reassessment will take place because we still believe that the penalty was mild for Hamilton.”

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Red Bull's frustration largely comes from the fact Hamilton was still able to win the British Grand Prix despite his penalty, in addition to the big crash Verstappen suffered as a result of the contact and the estimated $1.8m worth of damage done to his car.

On that point, Honda has been eager to see if the power unit in the Dutchman's car from Silverstone can be reused.

“The PU was sent back to Sakura for thorough checks,” the Japanese supplier said on Wednesday.

“We also replaced certain parts, as allowed in the regulations, without breaking the FIA seals.

“We will use the engine this Friday to give it a proper track test, after which we should have a clearer picture of its viability as a race engine.”