Tsunoda feels 'more in control' in 2022, talks up Gasly relationship

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Yuki Tsunoda says he is feeling "more in control" during his second year in Formula 1.

The Japanese driver admitted to underestimating the challenge of F1 in his rookie season, in which he showed moments of potential but was largely outclassed by teammate Pierre Gasly.

In 2022, however, Tsunoda has been more competitive against his highly-regarded partner at AlphaTauri and spoke highly of how they are working together.

"The relationship with Pierre [is] good," he told F1i.com. "We chat more than last year, for sure.

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"We are having more conversations [than] last year about how we can make the car better, [what] the car feels like, and things to make the car better.

"Definitely the right way, the right conversations to have to develop as a team."

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And while AlphaTauri has been less competitive than last year, that relationship has translated to better performances on the track from Tsunoda, who actually leads Gasly by five points in the championship.

"It's a different feeling compared to last year," he acknowledged. "It's too early to say I'm feeling comfortable or have confidence, but I think I'm feeling different.

"I'm more in control, I will say. I can control more situations, I know how the team's thinking. So I would say it's better."