Hamilton complies with FIA as strict jewellery ban comes into effect

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Lewis Hamilton did comply with the FIA's strict ban on jewellery while driving, which can into effect on Friday.

The seven-time world champion was given an initial two-race pass on removing a nose stud back in Miami that was later extended until the end of June as talks were held with the FIA's medical commission.

But as that grace period expired ahead of the British Grand Prix, Hamilton was seen without his usual facial bling having faced a fine had he not complied.

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Speaking on the jewellery matter on Thursday though, it was clear Lewis remained unhappy about the sudden strict enforcement of the long-time regulation.

"With all due respect, it is crazy to think that with everything going on in the world, this is the focus," he said.

"We have bigger fish to fry. We really have to start focusing on more important areas.

"I will race this weekend. I will work with the FIA. The matter is not massive."

Hamilton went on to finish second fastest in Practice 2 at Silverstone, as he bids to become the first driver to win on nine separate occasions at a single circuit this weekend.