Daniel Ricciardo will only continue in F1 'under the right circumstances'

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Daniel Ricciardo admits he won't just take any seat offered to him in Formula 1 next season.

The Australian is currently on the market after agreeing with McLaren to terminate his contract one year early at the end of 2022, following two difficult years at the Woking-based outfit.

But while Ricciardo has an absolute desire to continue in F1, he only wants to do so at a team capable of delivering strong results.

“A lot,” he told Sky Sports on how much he wants to be in the sport next year, “but under the right circumstances.

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“I want to get back to winning, I want to get back to fighting for podiums and win. You know, that’s… going through everything I’ve gone through the last kind of handful of years, that’s what gives me the most happiness.

“One thing that has remained unchanged for me is I’ve never wanted to be a driver just to be on the grid.

“Of course, I love this sport and I love everything that comes with it but especially, like now at this point in my career it’s just about winning. Getting that taste, a taste of champagne or sparkling wine, whatever they call it.

“Under the right circumstances, the right opportunity, absolutely it’s where I want to be but obviously I might not have every option available. So we’ll see what time tells.”

Based on current results, the only team realistically in a position to offer him a relatively competitive car is Alpine, but it is reported that Pierre Gasly is their main target to replace the outgoing Fernando Alonso.

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Other than that Haas and Williams both have seats but likely wouldn't meet the criteria that Ricciardo mentioned.

Even so, the eight-time Grand Prix winner confirmed offers are coming in for next year.

“It has, which is always a good thing," Ricciardo said on if his phone has been ringing.

“Because I was on holiday I kind of just wanted to put my phone away but of course, it’s nice when you get the phone ringing and that’s been positive.

“People obviously care for me but also support me and know that… this sounds really weird calling myself this but like the Honey Badger is still there so these are all things that I obviously take with a smile."

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Ricciardo though will take his time before deciding whether he stays in F1 or steps away from racing in 2023.

"I want to see," he said.

“This weekend’s been a bit of a wave and we’re into a triple-header so I feel like the next three weeks are going to be relentless. Not necessarily on this topic, but just as a schedule.

“So, I want to get these three under my belt and then see how I feel. I’m not interested in making any quick decisions or certainly nothing emotional.

“We’ll see how it goes but certainly the objective, if I’m behind a racing wheel, it is a Formula 1 car for sure.”