Sebastian Vettel: F1 retirement decision 'quite liberating'

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Sebastian Vettel admits making the decision to retire from Formula 1 after 2022 has been "quite liberating".

The four-time world champion is now entering his final eight races with Aston Martin before calling time on his F1 career after 15 years on the grid.

And a month on from making his retirement official, Vettel does feel a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

"I always tend to look forward to the next thing and I don't spend that much time looking back," he said via GPFans when asked about his summer break at Spa.

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"So it has been less like the people around me expected it to be which was great.

"I received an overwhelming reception to be fair, so many congratulations and support after the announcement in Hungary.

"I find it difficult to reflect on all these years, in just a short time so maybe it will hit me at some point later on.

"But I just enjoyed the break. The fact that the decision, or the fact I was carrying this decision around with me for such a long time, in a way it's out felt quite liberating."

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At the same time, Vettel says his mindset hasn't really changed as to how he is approaching the final run to Abu Dhabi.

"I could just enjoy the break and the time I had and I'm also looking very much forward to the races that I have left," he stated.

"But it didn't feel like a different break. You know, it's not like 'This is the last summer break'.

"It's difficult for any athlete, man or woman, to know what life is going to be like after you step away from what you've done your whole life.

"But then again, I feel time will tell."