Red Bull and Sky Sports reconcile after Mexico boycott - report

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Red Bull and Sky Sports have reconciled after the broadcaster was boycotted by the team in Mexico, the Daily Mail reports.

Max Verstappen and then team bosses refused to speak exclusively with Sky's British, German and Italian reporters following comments by Ted Kravitz in Austin.

Speaking during his post-race 'Notebook', Kravitz stated Lewis Hamilton had been "robbed" of the 2021 Formula 1 title as he dreamt up a movie script based on the events of Abu Dhabi up til the US Grand Prix, where he finished second to Max Verstappen.

That triggered an angry response from the Dutchman, who claimed he was no longer tolerating the "disrespect" from the paddock veteran which has been going on "the whole year".

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner also chimed in calling Sky's coverage "sensationalist" and "unbalanced", while also suggesting his driver hasn't been credited enough for his back-to-back F1 championships.

"What we see today with Max is incredibly special and sometimes I really think his achievements don’t get the recognition they do deserve," he said.

“We had the years of Mercedes dominance, but now we saw perhaps the most impressive campaign from one individual.

“He won the most races and on top of that, two sprint races and by no means all of them from pole position. He had to race and fight for it and looking back on the year, you can only conclude that it was an excellent season.”


On Monday, Sky Sports F1 director Billy McGinty reportedly travelled to Red Bull's base at Milton Keynes to clear the air with team boss Christian Horner, while Sky Sports managing director Jonathan Licht has also been in contact.

Red Bull had made it clear the boycott was for Mexico only, and that looks to be the case as normal service will be resumed in Sao Paulo this weekend.