Verstappen's potential success in F1 'frightening' - Red Bull boss Horner

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Max Verstappen's potential amount of success in Formula 1 is "frightening", according to Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

Last year, the Dutchman enjoyed his best season in F1 so far, claiming a record 15 wins en route to a dominant second world championship.

With a total of 35 wins and two titles to his name, Verstappen has already surpassed the achievements of drivers like Fernando Alonso, Nigel Mansell and Mika Hakkinen and is well on his way to matching legends like Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost in the coming years.

Also moving within sight is Red Bull's original trailblazer Sebastian Vettel with 53 wins and four F1 titles.


But Horner believes Verstappen has already proven he is the best driver the team has ever had.

“I mean, Sebastian was very Germanic in his work ethic. He worked very, very hard,” he said via GPFans.

“Max is just a very natural, raw ability that has a hunger and determination like I’ve certainly never seen before. So, very different in so many ways, but very similar in their determination, in their desire to want to win, to want to be the best.

“Max, whatever he goes on to achieve in his career, has done so much in such a short space of time. At the age of just 25, it’s quite frightening to think what actually lies ahead of him.

“The great thing is he is just open to pushing himself in all areas, he always feels there’s more to be had.

“He is quite clearly the most talented driver that I think we have had in one of our cars.”

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As is the case in modern F1 though, Verstappen will need a car to back up his ability and Horner knows that onus is on him.

“Max is capable of winning many championships,” he said. “I think it’s down to us to provide him with the equipment to do it.

“Ferrari are tough competitors. They’ve also got two quick drivers. Mercedes are sorting themselves out, and they could well be back in the game.

“There’s nothing that we take for granted. We just got to keep that momentum running.”