Giovinazzi remains 'convinced' about Alfa Romeo potential

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Antonio Giovinazzi remains "convinced" he will succeed at Alfa Romeo despite a pointless start to the season.

The former Ferrari reserve is yet to make a mark in his first full year in Formula 1, with only a P8 in Baku qualifying a result of any significance.

It has already led to having his future being called into question with the Swiss team, and Giovinazzi acknowledges things have to improve.

“I feel so much pressure from the Italians to take home my first points,” he told Sky Italia last weekend.

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What hasn't helped Giovinazzi is the fierce competition in the midfield, meaning even his better performances against teammate Kimi Raikkonen still look pretty poor.

And as the development battle begins between the teams, last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix was disappointing for Alfa Romeo.

“We are trying to find a solution after a weekend that was not positive for either of us,” he said. “But we are a great team and we have a good car, I am convinced.

“We need to find a way to put the whole package together and the results will come.”