Gasly needs to find 'these last few hundredths and tenths' at Red Bull

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Pierre Gasly admits he still needs to find the final few tenths of performance to consistently challenge for the top places at Red Bull.

The Frenchman started the weekend with the expectation of repeating his strong result from Silverstone, where he repeated his best result in Formula 1 of fourth.

However, he has struggled a little more at Hockenheim and once again only just finished ahead of the lead midfield driver, on this occasion Kimi Raikkonen in the Alfa Romeo.

“I think that the last lap was good. I think I had to do better because I lost time in Turn 8 compared to my previous lap but it was still a good lap,” Gasly said. “Good enough to put us within a tenth of P3 or P2.

“I think things are coming together which is good. It’s not perfect and I feel there is a margin to improve so we need to keep pushing to find these last few hundredths and tenths.”

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There were some raised eyebrows when the 23-year-old put his Red Bull into the barrier on Friday, leading to some questions.

However, Gasly insists moments like that are part of the game.

“It wasn’t my first crash and I know it’s not going to be the last one,” he explained. “When you play with the limit sometimes you play a little bit too much and you have this kind of mistakes.

“Unfortunately it’s annoying when you miss some laps and also give more work to the mechanics and lose parts and stuff like this.

“Everything was fine. It’s racing and this happens to all the drivers so yeah it was pushing to the limits and unfortunately, I went too far.

“I went to apologise to the guys and supported them for the work overnight.”