Horner: Positive aeroscreen impact in IndyCar could reopen F1 path

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner hopes IndyCar's decision to use the aeroscreen could re-open a path to use in Formula 1.

Starting from 2020, the American series will introduce the canopy-style device as their form of cockpit protection following a series of tests conducted earlier this year.

This is a bid coup for Red Bull, who developed the aeroscreen, after it was snubbed by F1 in favour of the more controversial Halo last season.

And should the screen prove a success in IndyCar, the Briton believes it could become a viable alternative to the current device.

"I'll be interested to see how it operates in IndyCar, how it's received, some of the challenges that will inevitably happen," he said.

"But I think it will be a good test pit for it and if it works, then why not look at introducing it to F1?

"Hopefully it will work out well for them."

This week's reveal of a model 2021 F1 car offered a look at the next stage of development with the Halo and it will be interesting to see if other ideas remain on the table.