Renault insist 1000hp mark reached despite Verstappen scepticism

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Renault chief Cyril Abiteboul is adamant their engine is now capable of producing 1000 horsepower after recent races.

Following three years of frustration using their power units at Red Bull, Max Verstappen quickly scoffed last month when it was suggested the French manufacturer had reached the hallowed figure for engine makers.

Using their poor midfield performance at the time, he suggested if the power unit was that strong then "they have a really bad car!".

However: "We have a powerful power unit, there is no doubt about that, we have passed the 1000 horsepower some Grands Prix ago," Abiteboul told Auto Hebdo.

"We know that there are people who are sceptical and make jokes about it," he added, referring to Verstappen. "But the data and GPS measurements tell us that it is really right."

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While the potential of reaching 1000hp is there, however, the Renault chief admits it is not always accessible.

"We just can't always use it because the engine is at risk," he said.

"But if you look at our level in Montreal, Spa and Monza, there can be no criticism. The reality is that we started a reorganization in Viry in 2016 and that three years later we have a top engine."