Hamilton declares 'I love chasing' after recent Red Bull, Ferrari battles

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Lewis Hamilton has "loved" the challenge of chasing down the leaders in recent battles with Ferrari and Red Bull.

Over the past three races, the Briton has had to try and claim victory from behind, doing so successfully versus Max Verstappen in Hungary but coming up short against Charles Leclerc at Spa and Monza.

Indeed, much of the summer has seen great races with the top three teams going head-to-head following the initial domination of Mercedes and Hamilton can understand why Formula 1 fans have enjoyed it.

“I honestly just think about it in the sense of entertainment,” he said of the greater competition.

“I think it is more exciting for people watching when there is a mixture of teams ahead rather than a team having a one-two.

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“Also, of course, the guy in second [in the championship] is my teammate [Valtteri Bottas], so I don’t know, it hasn’t come into my thought process that other teams are taking points away from him, but that is a part of when you are in a battle for a championship.

“So on one side I welcome it because it’s fun, but on the other side it’s we need the team to win the Constructors’ Championship so I have to hope my teammate is at least second.”

On being the hunter rather than the hunted though, Hamilton admits, when successful, he gets more satisfaction from it.

“I love chasing, those are the races that are always the most rewarding when you come from whatever position it is to catch the guys in front," he explained.

“It’s been great to have the differences we have had in qualifying – to the Red Bulls and Ferraris and have some sort of difference in the race. I personally enjoy that more.

“It makes you feel like you are more a part of that result than if you just have the lead and walk away with it.”

It is expected, however, that from Sochi or even this weekend in Singapore, Mercedes will once again be leading the pack.

“I am not thinking that way. I am not looking to the next race thinking it will swing our way,” Lewis claimed.

“I will go to the factory next week, do the same process and hope that we can improve our car, improve our methods over the weekend and do a better job.

“If they are as competitive in the next race then great but if not, although I hope that it is as competitive between us, Ferraris and Red Bulls at the next race.

“I personally want this battle to continue to give us more opportunities that would be great."