Hamilton & Vettel slam proposed 2020 qualifying races as 'bulls**t'

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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel gave similar reactions to the idea of Formula 1 having some qualifying races next year... hell no.

At the previous Strategy Group meeting between teams, the FIA and F1 bosses, Ferrari revealed unanimous agreement had been given to the proposal for sprint races at four Grands Prix with the grid determined in reverse championship order.

However, when asked for their view after qualifying on Saturday, there was not a positive word to be said from Hamilton nor Vettel.

"I don't really know what to say," Lewis began. "The people that proposed that don't really know what they are talking about."

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Vettel though was even less impressed, describing his thoughts in blunt terms.

"It is complete bulls**t, to be honest," he said.

"I think we know that if we want to improve things it is very clear [that] we need to string the field more together - we need to have better racing. [Reverse grids] is just a plaster.

"I don't know which genius came up with it, but it is not the solution. It is completely the wrong approach."

The criticism wasn't just from two of F1's veterans either, with Charles Leclerc echoing his elders.

"I would not be happy," he admitted. "I am a lot happier to start first tomorrow but I don't think it is the solution for F1.

"The best should win and start in the best place and not reverse that order. I don't think it is the solution."