Williams now believing in future potential despite 'brutal' 2019

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While admitting 2019 has been "brutal", Claire Williams insists she can now see a stronger future for her team.

This season has been a disaster really since the very beginning when the British outfit missed the start of testing and technical director Paddy Lowe was put on leave.

And what has followed is another year spent at the back of the grid, with Robert Kubica's sole inherited point from the German Grand Prix to Williams' name.

"It has been a brutal year for me, it has been a brutal year for everybody," the Williams deputy boss told The Guardian.

"We have all had our challenges going through this but I have always said the true test of character is how you react in difficult situations.

"That you don't give up when the road gets rocky, you keep fighting. That's one of the greatest lessons my dad taught me. He didn't have easy racing and easy rides."

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While the results have been worse this year, however, Williams admits the work done to try and address the team's problems means she is more optimistic about the future.

"Last year was the worst year. I understand why people would see this year as worse but they can't see behind the scenes," she said.

"Last year I could not see how things would get better imminently. This year Williams is in a different place entirely. I know what is coming and I believe in it. Last year I didn't really believe in it."