Hamilton 'pretty sure' Mercedes will stay in F1 despite 2021 concerns

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Lewis Hamilton says he is "pretty sure" Mercedes will be in Formula 1 post-2020 despite apparent worries over the 2021 new regulations.

Recently, the six-time world champion suggested he wasn't looking forward to the upcoming round of contract talks with his current team and suggested the future of team boss Toto Wolff would be a key factor in his decision.

Not only that, there is the question about whether Mercedes will sign up to Liberty Media's vision for F1, which was unveiled back in Austin, but Hamilton claimed he isn't worried.

"Currently not, Mercedes is here to stay, I’m pretty sure Mercedes is here to stay," he said on Thursday in Abu Dhabi.

"But the board members are here this weekend, so I’ll double-check with them. But no, I mean they’re all hardcore racers, and I’m pretty sure they want to stay. Things may have changed, they can do. I’ll find out."

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Now, though, the extent of the company's unhappiness with the new 2021 regulations has now reportedly been revealed in Italian media.

“Mercedes is not convinced by the new rules and most of all is peeved because Ferrari didn’t set up a fight against the changes," La Gazzetta dello Sport claims.

“Even without the right of veto that would have set a legal cause between Liberty and Ferrari, Mercedes expected that at least Ferrari could have said no to the new rules in the World [MotorSport] Council.

“Instead Ferrari approved the new rules probably because they were happy about the new commercial agreement and that they still kept the right of veto and have for this reason broke the “partnership” with Red Bull and Mercedes.”

The report then suggests the German manufacturer's unhappiness extends beyond the new sporting regulations apparently unhappy, and now they are pushing Liberty Media for a better commercial deal too.

“It’s not for the money, they say, but it’s more to recognise the key role that Mercedes had in the last 25 years in F1," La Gazzetta dello Sport continues.

“Not only did they dominate the last six years, but they also helped to grow the brand globally thanks also to Lewis Hamilton.

“Without this new commercial deal rumours are suggesting Mercedes could leave F1. Not completely, as they still have deals with other teams so maybe the Mercedes team will leave but they will still provide the engine as they still have two big deals in place with Williams and McLaren.

“But would it make sense to leave F1 but still provide the engines to other teams? No, the impression is that these rumours about Mercedes possibly leaving Formula 1 in 2021 are made for the propose to scare Liberty and convince them to offer a better deal to Mercedes.”