Verstappen focused on 2020 title after optimal race in Abu Dhabi

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Max Verstappen's focus was already on 2020 after coming home second in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Dutchman ultimately had a lonely race at Yas Marina as he made up for losing P2 to Charles Leclerc on the opening lap by repassing the Monegasque after a later pit-stop.

And though those early laps behind the Ferrari ultimately ended any hopes of challenging Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen admits beating the world champion was likely impossible regardless.

“I think overall the pace was good. There was not so much more we could have done,” the Red Bull driver said.

“The strategy was good from the team, and I passed the Ferrari on the track and we could do our own race. Of course very happy to finish the season like this."

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Reflecting on the 2019 season, which has seen Verstappen score three wins and his first two poles in F1, there was one moment that stood out in particular.

“Austria. I think also the first victory for Honda in the V6 era, that was very emotional and as a team on-track, I think with so many Dutch fans as well, that will be the highlight," he said.

"As a team we want to move forward, so next year we want to fight for the title of course," Max added changing tack.

“To be in front of the Ferraris in the championship for me I think was a good achievement. We had good wins, a few poles, but for next year, we have to step it up.

"But I think as a team we can be pleased with the improvement we made through the season, now it's good to take some time off and be fully recharged for next year and come back stronger."