Nissany claim again proves today's F1 cars are too easy to drive

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Remember when Formula 1 cars were meant to be the ultimate racing machines that only the very best could tame?

Well, we've known for some time that was less the case nowadays but occasionally, a young driver will pop up and just confirm that perhaps even your Grandad could be Lewis Hamilton with a little practice.

At the post-Spanish GP test, it was F2 driver Nikita Mazepin finishing less than 0.2s slower than Valtteri Bottas in his first day driving a Mercedes.

Now, it's Roy Nissany, a young Israeli racer, after driving for Williams this week in Abu Dhabi.

"I feel great! You know that feeling that you like your job and you know what you are doing," he commented.

"It took me four laps to get comfortable in the car, and from there on it was just building up my pace and confidence.

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"We were improving and making our best laps until the end, and we made a few changes according to my wishes.

"I now feel confident in the car, with a lot of potential in our pocket so that tomorrow morning will be exactly what we need for the last improvements in 2019."

Nissany did indeed improve by a full second on Wednesday, albeit still two seconds off the next slowest time, highlighting that while these might be the fastest F1 cars ever, that certainly doesn't equate to the most challenging.