Mercedes leaving F1 'not the right thing to do' while commercially strong

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has suggested the manufacturer will remain in Formula 1 post-2020 for commercial reasons.

Speculation has been swirling about the company's future after rumours of talks with Penske to buy the works team that were denied and claims last week Mercedes had wanted Ferrari to veto the proposed 2021 regulations.

After also managing a record sixth straight double championship in 2019, Wolff himself has also indicated Mercedes has "nothing left to prove" in F1.

But with the prospect of more money coming into the sport, that appears to be the only motivation to stay on the grid. 

“All the numbers that are coming in – from audiences in the conventional TV, digital space, sponsorship – are growing,” said the Austrian in Abu Dhabi.

“I think this is a sport that also with the spending cap coming in in 2021 is an area of growth.

“There will be certain thresholds that will come into the rules about joining the sport, concerning certain franchise value.

“Leaving the sport now would certainly not be the right thing to do from a commercial perspective when it’s just about to turn into a new opportunity."

At the same time, Wolff was also less enthusiastic about the prospect of new teams joining the grid amid reported interest from at least two entities.

“If there is interest in joining the grid with a solid foundation, big brands why not have the discussion but I think we should all 10 of us be proud of being part of the limited grid," he stated.

"We should be conscious about the opportunity and the possibility that lies ahead and concentrate on making it a good business for everybody.”