F1 announces change to weighbridge rule for 2020

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The FIA has altered the regulation on drivers who miss the weighbridge during practice after two instances in 2019.

Pierre Gasly in Baku and Sergio Perez in Austin both had to start from the pitlane after missing the signal for the random call to have their cars weighed during Friday practice.

The first instance including Gasly caused particular outrage at Red Bull who explained why the automatic penalty of a pitlane start is now outdated.

"If he had been running 50 kilos underweight, his penalty would have been less than what he actually got for missing that light," team boss Christian Horner told Sky Sports at the time.

"This regulation is a hangover from when we used to have qualifying on a Friday and, if qualifying got cancelled, then they would refer back to the times of the previous practice.

"It is about as draconian as you can possibly get."

Realising the punishment now no longer fits the crime, the FIA confirmed a change at the meeting of the World Motorsport Council giving the stewards discretion to penalise as they see fit.