Hamilton warns rivals for 2020: 'There's always room to improve'

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Lewis Hamilton has suggested he and Mercedes have "room to improve" in 2020 despite another dominant Formula 1 season.

The Briton effectively wrapped up his sixth world title with eight wins in the first 12 races this year before going on to score a record 413 points to top the standings by 87 points from teammate Valtteri Bottas.

However, there was a period around the summer break when both Red Bull and Ferrari reigned in the Silver Arrows and its details like that which Hamilton believes proves Mercedes can still get even stronger.

“There’s always room to improve and we’ve not been perfect all year,” he said via Motorsport Week.

“We’ve not won every single race and there are areas we can definitely round up and do better.

“I think it’s also really important to be critical of yourself always, never say that you’re perfectly happy with the job that you’ve done," Lewis added.

“You always know there are areas you can improve on, and that’s for all of us.”

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At the recent FIA prize-giving gala, Hamilton also revealed how the early-season advantage Mercedes enjoyed really didn't seem likely in testing.

“When we started this season, our car was actually a real heap to drive,” he claimed.

“It wasn’t looking that great at the testing. We couldn’t quite get it in the window, and it wasn’t until the last day that we got it to work. Then we went to the first race and we had some great results.

“I think we’re very proud of the job that we’ve done collectively as a team,” Hamilton continued.

“[We’re] still striving for perfection, so our goal is to try and do a better year somehow next year, but we have no idea what will come and what obstacles we will be faced with.

“I do think we are the best team we have ever been, the most united group of people that have ever been, and the most focused globally. The best prepared.”