Perez claims Racing Point can join the 'big boys' in 2021

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Racing Point can make big gains in 2020 and then fight with the "big boys" in 2021, Sergio Perez claims.

The Silverstone-based outfit enters this year on a much stronger footing both financially and sporting-wise with the development of this year's car unhindered unlike 12 months ago.

That means their drivers are confident Racing Point can once again challenge the likes of McLaren and Renault at the front of the midfield in the short-term and aim higher under the new regulations coming next season.

“There is very big, huge potential in this team,” Perez told Motorsport. “I think [in 2020] we should be able to see it.

“I don’t think there is a team that can grow as much as this one already [for 2020], and 2021 is a big opportunity for us to mix with the big boys.

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“I think last season, the way I see this, we kind of expected to have a bit of a setback," the Mexican noted.

“I think the momentum, it’s with us. Things are looking great, especially for this year. I think it’s is a big year coming up for us because it’s absolutely the first year where we will see the new administration of the team get into play.”

Teammate Lance Stroll largely echoed Perez's sense of expectation, though did concede nothing is guaranteed.

“Everyone’s going to keep working as hard as they can over the winter, that’s the game, but hopefully we will make the biggest jump,” he said.

“So I really do look forward [to 2020]. If I look back on this year [2019], we came into the season with some struggles because of where we were this time last year and the troubles that the team had and that really delayed the process of development.

“So if I look at where we stand now and going into next year [2020], definitely we got a head start on where we were this time last year, so that really does excite me.

“But it is such a competitive midfield now that will only find out when Melbourne comes around.”