Abiteboul confident Renault bosses will back F1 team due to 2021 regulations

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Team boss Cyril Abiteboul is confident Renault bosses will continue supporting the Formula 1 team thanks to the 2021 regulation changes.

After reporting a drop in revenues and facing the fallout from former CEO Carlos Ghosn's arrest in Japan, the French carmaker ordered a review into their activities, notably the 'Drive the Future' plans which includes the F1 operation, last October.

As it stands, Renault could decide to leave without any major consequences as customer team McLaren is already signed to take on Mercedes engines from next year.

However, it is the opportunities presented by the introduction of new cars and a budget cap in 2021 that Abiteboul believes will be a launchpad to move the Enstone-based squad back to the front in F1.

"I think we are the main beneficiary of the 2021 deal and set of regulations," he told Motorsport. "I can't say that they've been engineered for us, but for sure it goes in our direction."

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Moreover, the Frenchman is satisfied that Renault bosses, including interim CEO Clotilde Delbos, is also aware of the team's potential.

"From my perspective, everything that we've built we've done it with 2021 in mind and everyone is aware of that, including at Renault corporate," Abiteboul continued.

"The figures speak for themselves. Having said that, until a decision is made the decision is not made."

As the review takes place then, the Renault boss admits work can only carry on to optimise the business and sporting aspects of 2021 side-by-side.

"I think it's a parallel stream. On one side there is what the team is committed to do with the FIA, with FOM," he said.

"There is lots of discussion going on about the documentation itself. We've seen hundreds of pages of contract and it takes a while.

"There's also the stream having to keep on moving and improving and progressing in terms of our own performance in parallel.

"Renault is making its own strategy and plans. We still have interim management, so we are in contact on a regular basis with that management. The two will happen in parallel and I hope will develop in a nice way.

"In my opinion, it [the decision] is more for Q1/Q2."