Binotto defends Ferrari leadership in face of strong F1 competition

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Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has defended his leadership approach a year after taking over in the role.

Amid speculation of a rift between himself and his predecessor Maurizio Arrivabene, it was the Swiss engineer who took over after being credited for the cars which battled Mercedes in 2017 and 2018.

However, faced with the pressure of holding the two biggest roles in an F1 team, and having to deal with the impact made by Charles Leclerc alongside Sebastian Vettel, Binotto brushed off questions regarding his style.

"Every team boss does, of course, do it in his own way, but from my training as an engineer, I am convinced that the rigorous approach works best. In any case, this helps me to help the organization on a large scale," he explained in Ferrari's official magazine.

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"On the one hand, you know that individual relationships with people are very important and that you really have to take care of that because the human aspect of an organisation is fundamental to your success.

“On the other hand, Formula 1 is also a complex machine where it's not just about making a 1000hp engine, but also about doing this earlier, faster and better than the competition.”

And when it comes to the frustration of last year, when an underwhelming chassis left them lagging behind Mercedes and claiming just three wins, Binotto is determined to turn it around.

"In my opinion, the competition has never been as strong as it is today,” he stated.

“We have everything we need to perform, but there are no guarantees in this sport. We have to work even harder and use our advantage of the great brand and the fans to our advantage to get the title back in 2020.”