Button expects easy new Hamilton deal at Mercedes post-2020

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Jenson Button expects a new deal to reached "pretty easily" to keep Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes post-2020.

Talks are set to begin this month after the six-time world champion returned to Brackley on Wednesday ahead of Friday's launch of the new W11.

And though Hamilton is seen in a strong position, following contract extensions for Charles Leclerc at Ferrari and Max Verstappen at Red Bull, the 2009 world champion still believes Mercedes hold some sway.

“You have got to look at the other side of it as well, they are giving him a car that can win World Championships," Button told Sky Sports.

“That is not easy to find, so I don’t think he [Lewis] is holding all the cards.

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However: “I think they will come up with a deal pretty easily," Hamilton's last teammate at McLaren continued.

"They both want the same thing, they are winning championships together, multiple years.

“So I don’t think its too much of a talking point, they might try and make it be one and Lewis might try and get the upper hand.

“But what a great partnership and they should continue, I really do think.”

Another possible factor in negotiations is the future of the man Hamilton will negotiate with as team boss Toto Wolff is also out of contract at the end of 2020.

Like his driver, the Austrian is also expected to re-sign and Button had a simple response when asked who is more important to Mercedes.

“They both are," he stated. “It is a team sport. You don’t win on your own in F1

“At Mercedes now there are 1,500 people now I think, building the car and the power unit, that is a lot of people who need to do their job correctly, so it is a big team sport.

“Obviously the people you see is Toto Wolff running the team and Lewis Hamilton, the big star, the driver.

“They are both very important to this team and Lewis has done exceptionally well.

“He has always been given the car to fight for the World Championship, but he has got the job done.”